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Urgent News / Missing Raid

raid on 9/18

sorry guys probably wont be raiding this week picking up my Dad from airport this week and need to visit for a while.
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Dragoncloude179Small Dragoncloude 4y
Urgent News / Missing Raid


missing due to being out of town wont have computer to play on
Small BanishKitty "Fire Kitty Healer" 4y
BanishKitty "Fire Kitty Healer"150Small BanishKitty "Fire Kitty Healer" 4y
Urgent News / Missing Raid

Aug 7-8

i will not be on august 7 and 8 cuz i'll be at a work training. the training is from the 7th though the 10th so i'll be missing most of the week itself :(
Small Ðaxul 4y
Ðaxul3114Small Zadkhiel 4y
Urgent News / Missing Raid


I could be up to 15 minutes late tonight. I'm working a private party after the pool closes and we end the private party at 9:30. What time I get there depends on how fast we clean. I could be there right on time for all I know, but I could be up ...
Small Zadkhiel 4y
Zadkhiel160Small Zadkhiel 4y
Urgent News / Missing Raid

monday 7/9/12

About G2 picking it up on mondayMoving Apartments have to move the whole day, then have to go to work at 7:30PM PST- 3:30 AM PST gonna be a long fucking day
Small Nekömimi 4y
Nekömimi280Small Koadi, The "Crater Bear" 4y
Urgent News / Missing Raid

Tuesday and Wednesday 10th and 11th

Will be gone to PA for a massive paintball tourney with friends I haven't seen in 2 years.
Small Zadkhiel 4y
Zadkhiel266Small Koadi, The "Crater Bear" 4y
Urgent News / Missing Raid

6/19/12 & 6/20/12?

Shadow posted on Facebook saying he may be unable to raid, due to his power being out and not being able to afford to get it paid in time. Counting him as "notice given" for both days, though he may be back for Wednesday possibly?
Small Koadi, The "Crater Bear" 5y
Koadi, The "Crater Bear"163Small Koadi, The "Crater Bear" 5y
Urgent News / Missing Raid

Tuesday 6/19

Work is being a complete douche right now, not giving us options on switching with people for coverage so imma have to go back to the dont schedule me tuesdays and wed afternoons in order to fix this problem cause my manager hasnt realized that it...
Small BanishKitty "Fire Kitty Healer" 5y
BanishKitty "Fire Kitty Healer"269Small Koadi, The "Crater Bear" 5y
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