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Heroic Yor'sahj Down! (Heroic 10m) Congrats Group 1!

Koadi, The "Crater Bear" / Jun 20, 2012
In an amazing spin for the beginning of the week, Heroic Yor'sahj fell to the machinations of The Sundering's core 10m raid team. While we were lacking our regulars Shadow and Banishkitty, we know they were there with us in spirit as we downed the bastich.

Thanks to Torvasoth for coming to help heal, and Dragoncloude for filling in for our ranged DPS, as Menkiller took the other healing spot.

We reconvene tomorrow to give a flurry of blows to Heroic Ultraxxion.

Once again, congrats everybody!

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last night was amazing performance, proud of everyone and especially the officers for their effort in researching the tactics ^^

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