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Guild Gathering Contest! All Trials/Members Listen Up!!

Koadi, The "Crater Bear" / Jun 25, 2012
The Sundering is hosting a guild-wide "gathering contest." The contest is open to any Trial or Member rank (no higher) and will begin on Wednesday June 27th and End on Thursday June 28th at 7:00 PM Server Time.

What's the point you ask? Is there some prize you ask? OF COURSE there's a prize! In fact, I (Koadi) personally guarantee that the prize will be WELL WORTH your time and effort. This is no joke, it's a very fabulous prize.

The objective of the contest is simple. Each competitor shall compete to earn as many points as possible. He or She who earns the most points out of all will win the fabulous prize!

How do you earn points you ask? That too is simple! There are a number of objects or currencies that may be turned into specific Officers or individuals (who will be named on the guild calendar) in exchange for points. The list below will serve as the "Acceptable Items List" and will display how many points each item (or stack of items) is worth. Note, we will not give half points or any such thing. It's either all or nothing, so you must meet the given number of objects to earn those points!
The more things you turn in, the more points you can earn!

Note, this all goes to the Guild Bank when all is said and done, and that while the items will not be returned to you... remember, the prize is FABULOUS and very worth your participation.

Here's the list.

100g = 1 point, to a maximum of 5000g for 50 points.
1 Maelstrom Crystal = 2 points
20 Hypnotic Dust = 2 points
1 Heavenly Shard = 2 points
1 Greater Celestial Essence = 4 points
20 Pyrium Ore (NOT BARS) = 5 Points
20 Elementium Ore (NOT BARS) = 3 Points
4 Flasks = 2 point
5 Potions (Accepting only the following: Tol'vir, Golemblood, Volcanic, Earthen, Mythic Healing, Mythic Mana, Concentration) = 2 point
20 Twilight Jasmine = 1 point
Queen's Garnet (Uncut) = 6 Points
Queen's Garnet (Cut) = 4 Points
Lava Coral (Uncut) = 4 Points
Lava Coral (Cut) = 2 Points
Inferno Ruby (Uncut) = 3 Points
Inferno Ruby (Cut) = 2 Points
10 Volatiles (Air, Water, Life) = 2 Point
10 Volatiles (Fire, Earth) = 1 Point

Methods of turning in, and rules:
1.) You can hand them to one of the following characters: Koadi, Magicmonarch, Mukat, Ðaxul, Seven.
2.) You can submit them by IN GAME MAIL to the same characters.
3.) Do NOT put them in the guild bank as they will NOT be counted for points if you do.
4.) All submissions will be accepted right up through 6:59PM Server time on THURSDAY. Once 7 o'clock hits, the game is over and points will be tallied up.

So there you have it folks! Check in with Koadi for information if you have any questions. And remember, you can't turn anything in until WEDNESDAY JUNE 27th, 2012 at NOON!

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Any questions or concerns regarding this race for an AMAZING prize, do not hesitate to either contact Koadi or myself! CHEERS ALL!

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